TEA 11 is Coming SOON!

TEA 11 is coming soon and the new features and enhancements are going to make new and existing users VERY HAPPY!

Please watch your email for invitations to up and coming webinars where we will provide demonstrations of how the new version is going to create streamlined, integrated efficiencies for your team

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At CommonGoals Software, we bring together our expertise and innovative products with your vision to embark on a shared journey towards a better future, unlocking your true potential.

Seamless Loan Management for Growth & Efficiency.

Seamlessly streamline your loan processes, accelerate growth, and elevate customer satisfaction with our feature-rich, user-friendly platform.

TEA: Your Complete Toolkit for Lending Success

TEA will provide all the key functionality required to manage consumer, commercial, housing, facilities and non-traditional lending operations including compliance, reporting, analytics and core loan servicing.

Advantages of Choosing Our Software.

We are a highly trusted vendor in the industry with over 30 years in the industry and many key lenders relying on our expertise to provide tailored solutions to maximize efficiency and cost recovery.

  Innovative Solutions

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  Proven Track Record

  Expertise and Experience

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Innovative Tools for a Shared Vision.

Discover CommonGoals Software’s cutting-edge products, meticulously designed to align with your vision and drive success. From TEA catering to the entire vertical of loan servicing requirements for non-traditional lenders to ApplyNow providing sophisticated loan origination and application management, our solutions empower organizations


TEA is a feature-rich loan, grant, investment and robust CRM software solution that is specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of lending agencies, non-traditional lenders and non-profit organizations.

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ApplyNow, a cloud-based application management and loan origination system, simplifies the creation, management, awarding, and reporting of various applications, from loans and grants to scholarships and more.

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