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At CommonGoals Software, we understand that investing in intuitive, feature-rich software alone is insufficient if it remains unused within your organization. Therefore, we offer a range of flexible training options and delivery methods to ensure users of all levels can effectively harness our software and achieve remarkable results for your company.

Flexible Training Options

Live Webinars

A webinar is an interactive online session where participants join from their own location via the internet, engaging through video, audio, and interactive elements. It is a cost-effective way to facilitate meetings, presentations, workshops, or training. Our webinars are typically free and tailored to specific user groups or topics of interest. Our “Lunch ‘N Learn” series offers 45-minute sessions on topical issues and popular TEA features.

Online Mini-Courses

Our online Mini-courses target specific roles within organizations, providing in-depth coverage in 2-3 hours. Designed for Loan Officers, Finance Officers, Program Coordinators, and more. Led by experienced trainers, complete agendas and notes are included. Multiple sessions are offered throughout the year. Inquire about potential group discounts.

On-Demand Videos

Gain 24/7 access to on-demand training videos and pre-recorded webinars in our online TEA Knowledgebase. Conveniently view the material at your own pace, as a registered TEA user.

On-site Training

We offer on-site training, focusing solely on user training as administrative setup is completed beforehand. Training includes both group and individual formats, covering software utilization, tasks, and client information. Role-based training is provided for various functional areas, accompanied by tailored agendas and exercises to ensure participants are fully prepared for software implementation.

Online Training

Our online sessions provide cost-effective training via GotoMeeting, offering group and individual sessions. Recordings aid in reviewing sessions and onboarding new staff. Pre-implementation administrative setup allows focused user training, supported by role-based training, tailored documentation, and agendas for smooth software implementation.

Workshop & User Groups

Group workshops and user sessions offer in-person, instructor-led training and feature demonstrations, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for TEA users. These sessions, often organized by governing organizations, facilitate discussions on best practices, custom features, applications, and open-forum user groups. They also provide valuable networking opportunities among peer organizations.

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