Who We Are

At CommonGoals Software, we are a dedicated team of professionals working together with our customers to achieve our common goals and build a better future.

Trusted by over 300+ organizations including:

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most valued and trusted partner and provider of world class products and services in order to help businesses realize their full potential through the use of technology.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide unsurpassed service and superior technological solutions to our customers that exceed their expectations; financial and professional growth in a rewarding environment to our team; and continued growth and profitability to our stakeholders.

We will fulfill our mission by our unwavering and relentless pursuit of our Core Values.

Our Values

By providing unsurpassed service and superior technological solutions, we exceed customer expectations.


In all our relationships we do the right thing and are consistently open, honest, ethical, trustworthy and genuine.


We rally our customers and team to build a better future and achieve great things through a clear and consistent vision, operational excellence and innovation.

Giving Back

We share in our success and are generous with our time, talent and money in supporting our community, society, team and people in need. We dedicate a percentage of our profits to worthwhile causes.


We share information openly, broadly and deliberately.


We are passionate about our customers and committed to their success. We don’t settle for less than Raving Fans. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough.


We love what we do. We care about our customers, partners and team and are passionately committed to their success.


We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We seek innovations and ideas that solve our customers complex problems keeping simplicity at the forefront of our solutions.


We encourage, develop and support our talented team to take initiative, be accountable and give their best to maximize their potential and contribution.


Through continuous imporvement, innovation and embracing change, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers expectations.


We have a deep understaind of what problems our customers are looking to solve and are dedicated to working with our customers to continuously develop our software and services to exceed expectations.


We are reliable and deliver on our promises and take responsibility for results with a willingness to admit our mistakes.

Family & Fun

We fosture a culture of warmth and belonging for our team so that they can both work together and have fun together and encourage a flexible healthey work-life balance.

Celebrating 30 Years!

In 2023, CommonGoals Software is proudly celebrating our 30th year in business! We are honoured to have served the non-traditional lending and finance sectors since 1993 to reach this milestone and we look forward to growing and continuing to serve for many more.