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Catch up on valuable insights and tutorials with our On-Demand Videos. Dive into a wealth of knowledge as we explore our software solutions, their features, and how they can transform your operations. Learn at your own pace and discover the power of Commongoals Software.

Introduction to TEA 10

See a general overview of TEA 10 and how our comprehensive Client, Project and Loan management system for non-traditional lenders can assist you in creating efficient processes for all aspects of servicing your loan and investment portfolio

Introduction to ApplyNow

Explore the possibilities with ApplyNow. In this video, we’ll walk you through the key features and benefits of ApplyNow, our cutting-edge loan origination software. Get a firsthand look at how ApplyNow can simplify your application processes and enhance customer interactions.

Introduction to the Client and Staff Portal for TEA 10

Explore how you can provide your customers and Team online access to key account and loan information 24/7 with the TEA 10 Online Client and Staff Portal

ApplyNow Application Portal Demonstration

Experience the ApplyNow Application Portal in action! In this video, we’ll show you how the ApplyNow Application Portal simplifies application processes, making it easier than ever for your customers to apply for loans, grants, and more. Witness the future of streamlined applications with ApplyNow.

ApplyNow Application Portal Connector Overview

Discover the seamless connectivity of the ApplyNow Application Portal with TEA 10 in our ‘Connector Overview’ video. In this presentation, we explore how the Application Portal seamlessly integrates with TEA 10, eliminating all duplicative entry and providing a holistic view of application data.

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